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About Us

From our Family to Yours

Hampson Honey is a family business with a genuine passion for our people, partners and the planet.

We harvest our honey with care which is why Australians have come to trust and love our honey products.

Carl & Karin Hampson are the people behind Hampson Honey. What started as a hobby back in 2009 eventually morphed into our passion and life purpose.

We are so excited for you to try our honey.

Hampson Family, Hampson Honey
Hampson Honey, How Honey Should Be
Meet Carl

Carl Hampson was always a farmer at heart. Even when he was a little kid, he would grow veggies in his backyard and sell them to the neighbours. He learnt about bees through a friend whose father was a beekeeper and took an immediate interest in these fascinating creatures. In 2009, he got his first backyard beehive. What started as a hobby soon became his passion and Hampson Honey was born in 2012.

Carl spends most of his time in the bush travelling thousands of kilometres to find the most pristine and perfect natural bushlands in the middle of Australia to house the bees. His motto is “look after the bees and they will look after us”. This motto flows through every aspect of their business. Every decision made is shaped by “what is best for the bees?”

This sometimes means spending holidays or weekends away from home to attend to these wonderful creatures. Sometimes it means leaving the honey for the bees. Sometimes it means moving them from one forest to another. Carl does whatever it takes to keep them happy and they in return produce the perfect honey for Hampson Honey.

Meet Karin

Karin Hampson is the beekeeper’s wife or “honey lady”. She holds the fort while Carl is away and is mother of 3 bee-autiful busy boys. She loves bees too but doesn’t like getting stung—so you won’t find her near a beehive. While Karin leaves the heavy lifting to Carl and his team of beekeepers, she certainly loves the honey!

Believe it or not, Karin wasn’t always a fan of honey. Before producing their own, she didn’t enjoy supermarket honey. For this reason, she was initially hesitant about backyard bees.

However, after tasting natural honey, she was sold! Not only did honey become a big part of the family diet but the dream of bringing real honey to everyday consumers became her passion.

Together, Carl and Karin have created Hampson Honey with the goal to sell single-origin (unblended), raw, 100% A-grade Australian honeythe way honey should be.

Hampson Honey, How Honey Should Be

Ethical Farming

Hampson Honey is passionate about bees because we know how vital these precious creatures are for our food production and environment. Our motto is to always make the best decisions for our bees as they are the most vital aspect of our family business but also to our community and our environment.

We need bees to have a sustainable future and beekeepers play a vital role in this. This is the reason beekeeping is our number one passion and life purpose.

Australian Owned, Hampson Honey

100% Australian

When we say 100% Australian, we mean it. Everything from our delicious honey to the jars, cartons and labels are made in Australia. All our Australian honey is packed right here in Queensland, too. By supporting us, you are also supporting many other Australian families and businesses. We like to keep it local!

Hampson Honey, How Honey Should Be

Get in Touch

From hive to home. From our family to yours. We invite you to taste the best honey in the world.

If you have any questions, please drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.