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Professional Swarm Removal Services

Did you know that all bee swarms must be removed by a licenced beekeeper? Hampson Honey understands the fundamental importance of bees within our environment. Our commitment extends to the safe removal and relocation of bee swarms through our licensed beekeepers. With the expertise and knowledge required, we ensure responsible bee swarm removal, safeguarding both people and bees.

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Why Opt for Professional Swarm Removal?

Witnessing a bee swarm can be captivating yet potentially hazardous. During this natural occurrence, bees may cluster in unexpected locations, posing risks to the public. Attempting swarm removal without professional expertise can lead to injuries or in some cases, anaphylaxis.

Our Swarm Removal Service:

Licensed Beekeepers: All swarm removals at Hampson Honey are conducted by licensed beekeepers, guaranteeing adherence to ethical and legal standards. Our beekeepers possess in-depth knowledge of bee behaviour, safe removal techniques, and compliance with local regulations.

Safe and Humane Practices: Our top priority is the safety of people and bees. We employ methods that prioritise the well-being of everyone involved while minimising stress to the bees. Our licensed beekeepers handle swarms with care and expertise.

Bee-Friendly Relocation: Instead of exterminating the swarm, we focus on relocation. Our beekeepers collect the swarm carefully and relocate it to a suitable environment, allowing the bees to continue their essential role in the eco-system.

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The Importance of Immediate Action:

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Unattended bee swarms can pose a public safety concern and can end up making a home in the most inconvenient locations such as inside wall cavities. It is crucial to contact a licensed beekeeper promptly to assess and address the situation. Attempting to handle a swarm without proper safety gear and knowledge can lead to stings, allergic reactions, or unintentional harm to the bees. It is best to contact us as soon as you see a bee swarm or a cluster of bees in one spot as at this stage, the bees can be safely relocated. In the event that you have found a beehive in your wall cavity, contact us to access the situation.

If you encounter a bee swarm on your property or in a public area, contact Hampson Honey directly. Our licensed beekeepers are available for swift and responsible swarm removal services. Call us on (07) 5602 2130 or email us at and our team will respond promptly to assess and address the situation.

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