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Australian raw honey

At Hampson Honey, we take pride in producing the finest, most delectable honey that nature has to offer. Our Australian raw honey contains swarms of natural goodness because it’s never heated past hive temperature. This keeps all the nutritional benefits intact for optimum goodness.

Free from any additives or preservatives, our retail honey products are pure, raw, 100% Australian and always A-grade honey. Because Hampson Honey only selects the best floral varieties for our retail range, you can really taste the difference compared to other kinds of honey on the supermarket shelf. From our hive to your home, we manage the entire process with love and care. We get all the stings and you get all the sweetness!

Australian Honey, Our Heart, Hampson Honey
Australian Honey, Our Bees Hampson Honey

A happy hive delivers healthy honey

We at Hampson Honey believe that you can’t improve on what nature gives you. This is why we keep our hives on bee-autiful national forestry sites where we can protect our bees from pesticides and herbicides.

From the foothills of Mount Glorious in Australia to the Australian outback, our honey is sourced using only the most suitable and pristine sites to keep our bees. We treat our bees with the love and respect they deserve and by looking after our bees, they look after us in return.

Hampson Honey, How Honey Should Be

Premium-quality Australian honey

At Hampson Honey, we believe everyone should get to experience the best honey in the world—just like beekeepers get to enjoy every day. This is why Hampson Honey’s retail range only contains the best A-grade honey in every batch.


Australian Honey, Our Heart, Hampson Honey


Honey flavours can vary greatly depending on which flowers the bees have foraged on, so you can definitely taste the difference when eating Hampson Honey versus other supermarket brands or backyard beekeepers’ honey. Every batch we produce can be traced back to the exact location the bees were foraging from.

Raw honey is renowned for its exceptional health benefits. As well as anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, this golden elixir contains:

  • Loads of antioxidants
  • All nine essential amino acids
  • Trace amounts of vitamins such as Vitamin B & C
  • Essential minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium

Be warned. If you try it, you’ll most certainly love it! It’s unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.

Hampson Honey, How Honey Should Be

Australian raw honey product range

Next time you’re in need of raw and pure honey in Australia, look for our products at your nearest Woolworths or local, independent retail outlet. Our products are available in three varieties:

Hampson Honey, How Honey Should Be
450g Jar, Hampson Honey

450g Jar

These bee-autiful glass jars of premium raw honey make a lovely addition to any breakfast table or gift hamper. Our jars were specifically designed for the environmentally conscious consumer (like us!) with their easy peel-off labels and elegant reusable glass jars.

500g Easy-squeeze Bottle, Hampson Honey

500g Easy-Squeeze Bottle

Say goodbye to those pesky streaks around the rim of your jar or tub! Thanks to their convenient and mess-free design, our easy-squeeze bottles have become the top choice for many.

These easy-squeeze bottles are so easy to use that even our three messy boys love using them. And best of all? No mess!

1kg Tub, Hampson Honey

1 kg Tub

The perfect choice for the budget-conscious consumer who prefers to buy in bulk because it gets gobbled up so quickly by the family.

We definitely fall into this category since we switched from processed sugar to delicious honey. We go through a kilo a week at the Hampson household. It’s a good thing Carl’s a beekeeper.

Hampson Honey, How Honey Should Be

Buy online now

Try our single-origin, raw, 100% Australian honey today. Hampson Honey is how honey should be.

Grab yours today at your local Woolworths or independent grocer.