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About Us

From our Family to Yours

Hampson Honey is a family-owned small business driven by a sincere devotion to our team, collaborators, and the planet. Our honey is harvested with care, earning the trust and affection of Australians for our honey products.

Carl & Karin Hampson are the team behind Hampson Honey. What began as a hobby in 2009, gradually evolved into our passion and life mission.

Hampson Family, Hampson Honey
Hampson Honey, How Honey Should Be
Meet Carl

Carl Hampson’s affinity for farming was evident from a young age. As a child, he cultivated vegetables in his backyard and sold them to neighbours. His fascination with bees began when a friend, whose father was a beekeeper, introduced him to these intriguing insects. Acquiring his first backyard beehive in 2009 marked the genesis of his hobby, which swiftly blossomed into a full-fledged passion, culminating in the establishment of Hampson Honey in 2012.

Carl meticulously seeks out pristine environments to accommodate his bees. His guiding principle, “look after the bees and they will look after us,” permeates every facet of their family business. Each decision is guided by the question, “what is best for the bees?” At times, it involves prioritising the bees’ needs over harvesting honey or relocating them to new forests. Carl’s unwavering dedication ensures the well-being of his bees, who reciprocate with the production of exceptional honey for Hampson Honey.

Meet Karin

Karin Hampson, affectionately known as the “honey lady,” assumes responsibility in Carl’s absence and is the proud mother of three energetic boys. While she shares Carl’s fondness for bees, she prefers to steer clear of beehives to avoid the stings. She does love honey though!

Surprisingly, Karin wasn’t always a honey fan. Prior to producing their own, she found store-bought honey unappealing. Initially hesitant about backyard beekeeping, her perspective shifted after savouring natural raw honey. Not only did honey become a staple in their family’s diet, but also ignited her passion for making authentic honey accessible to all.

Carl and Karin jointly established Hampson Honey with a vision to make Australians and the world fall inlove with honey again – raw, 100% A-grade Australian honeythe way honey should be.

Hampson Honey, How Honey Should Be

Ethical Farming

At Hampson Honey, our passionate dedication to bees stems from a profound understanding of their crucial role in food production and environmental sustainability. Guided by the principle of prioritising the well-being of our bees, we recognise their significance not only to our family business but also to our broader community and ecosystem. Bees are indispensable for ensuring a sustainable future, and beekeepers are instrumental in safeguarding their crucial role. This unwavering commitment to beekeeping is at the core of our passion and life purpose.

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Australian Owned, Hampson Honey

100% Australian

When we say 100% Australian, we mean it. Everything from our delicious honey to the jars, cartons and labels are made in Australia. All our Australian honey is packed right here in Queensland, too. By supporting us, you are also supporting many other Australian families and businesses. We like to keep it local!

Hampson Honey, How Honey Should Be

Get in Touch

From hive to home. From our family to yours. We invite you to taste the best honey in the world.

If you have any questions, please drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.